Großes Meer

Emden - Aurich

The “Großes Meer” is just a couple of kilometers away from Hinte. It is a naturally emerged moor-lake with a water depth of about 0,5 meters to 1,0 meters and a total area of about 460 ha. A recreation and relaxation ground was built on the northeastern bank in immediate proximity to small channels and canals. The “Großes Meer” is a small paradise for vacationers: due to the low water depth, the “Großes Meer” is most suitable for water sports beginners. The area is mostly favored by surfers and sailors, but fishing and other water sports are also often practiced. The region around the “Großes Meer”, which is a natural preserve of about 2500 ha, can be used for cycling tours, Nordic walking, hiking or just for relaxation and refreshment. The continental climate with the winds of the North Sea leaves nothing to be desired. The southern part of the “Großes Meer” is an official natural reserve since 1974.


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