East Frisian culinary specialties

We invite you to enjoy food with all your senses. What else could be more appropriate than a tasty meal full of regional specialties in our cozy restaurant ?


Kulinarisches Ostfriesland

Apart from a menu full of international delicacies, we invite you to try our “Fischparade”:
Enjoy fish freshly caught on the East Frisian North Sea coast which is freshly prepared by our cooks. We always offer fresh seasonal food like plaice in May or green cabbage throughout the wintertime. The East Frisian culinary specialties are always prepared in accordance with the traditional practices of East Frisia.









Have you ever tried a nice hot cup of East Frisian tea with cream and rock sugar served on a warmer? You will realize that East Frisia is a unique and special place as soon as you hear the silent crackle of the rock sugar when it melts in the hot tea.

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