Tourist attractions in Emsland

Meyer shipyard


The Meyer shipyard in Papenburg is one of the world’s biggest and most famous shipyards. This shipyard builds spectacular cruise liners. A tour of the shipyard for individual persons in the high season (April to October) is daily offered from 10.oo–17.oo. We suggest that you register for this service via telephone (0 18 05 – 60 13 13).




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Paddle-pedal refreshment

€ 139,00 per person in a DBL
€ 179,00 in a SB

Fit for fun

€ 139,00 per person in a DBL 
€ 189,00 in a SB 

Art and enjoyment offer

€ 139,00 per person in a DBL 
€ 189,00 in a SB 

Find rest and relaxation

€ 129,00 per person in a DBL 
€ 179,00 in a SB 

Connoisseurs offer

€ 149,00 per person in a DBL 
€ 199,00 in a SB 

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